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Xingyang Henan Province was awarded the "Hometown of China Pomegranate" title Recently, China Fruit Marketing Association Xingyang was awarded the "Hometown of China Pomegranate" title. In recent years, Xingyang according to the "core break, focus on the development, the form of line, depth of development," the general idea, through development of preferential policies to develop heyin pomegranate, pomegranate Cultural Festival organized by heyin, to develop heyin pomegranate industry. This year in May, heyin pomegranate seeds were soft geographical indication protection in China. Currently, Xingyang heyin pomegranate cultivation area of 30,000 acres, the annual benefit 120 million yuan, has formed a broad Xindong Wu Tang to ditch high-Tsuen jujube tree up to 15 km heyin pomegranate industrial belt. Heyin pomegranate-based rapid development, led the pomegranate second and third industries, pomegranate processing surging to heyin pomegranate flavor theme of leisure travel route has been formed, made significant economic benefits. Source: Henan Department of Forestry

Heyin Tunisian pomegranate production base, located in the "heyin Pomegranate town" village in Henan Province Xingyang North Mang Yin Liu ditch pomegranate base. In support of the Government and the continued efforts of employees within a few years has grown in strength, in Xingyang Mang Mountain Ridge area along the more than 30 million mu, an area sui��...

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Heyin iron garnet
Heyin iron garnet

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